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When Data allows the product to meet its Market and the market to find its product.

Our research focuses on the suitability of Wine and its Market in the light of the economic and cultural situation in the short and medium term. Which wine profile should be proposed to which consumer segment? Which country? On what occasions should it be tasted? 

Our areas of analysis

Thanks to cutting-edge data technologies, we are reconnecting separate scientific domains: on the one hand, disciplines that help us understand what wine is, and on the other, disciplines that give us indicators on the Market.


We analyse the methods of wine making and conservation and their impact on the final profile of the product.


We analyse the agricultural and viticultural techniques that influence the final production of the product and the management of climatic hazards to study future market movements.


We study the different cultivars, their physiology, their predilection for the terroir.


We study wine microorganisms and their activities, their relationships and their impact on the winemaking process and thus the final product.

Physical chemistry

We study the physical and chemical phenomena of wine, particularly in the vinification phase.


Through this, it is a question of understanding the human sensory system when tasting a product such as wine, to understand how it works and the reasoning behind it.

Market research

We collect, analyse and interpret information about the alcohol market, its history, present and potential buyers.

Market analysis

We study the attractiveness and specific dynamics of the alcohol industry, to understand macro as well as micro signals.


We study the functioning of the alcohol industry and the production, trade and consumption of goods.

Our analyzed data

Our work is based on both quantitative and qualitative data: from wine data, through tasting data, visual data, geological, lithological, pedological maps, market data on sales volumes and turnover.

We have one of the largest wine databases in terms of the scope of data collected and analysed.

  • Data Mining - 90% - Data Mining - 90
  • Web Semantics - 77
  • Predictive Analysis - 85

R&D areas

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Our latest articles

We keep an active watch on the scientific work of our colleagues, which enriches and challenges our research work.

Find out here about our latest published articles and reviews.

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